Bastille Audit 

Balint Seeber, Director of Vulnerability Research introduces the Bastille Audit.

The Bastille Wireless Vulnerability Audit provides access to the patented and patent-pending Bastille platform for 30 days.

  • Up to 25,000 square feet in a single environment
  • 1 month Audit
  • Detailed report of everything we find
  • Senses, Identifies and Localizes RF-enabled devices

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Bastille Audit will discover:

  • Rogue Access Points
  • Never configured wireless devices
  • Unauthorized cellular devices
  • Web cameras and other listening devices
  • Data exfiltration risk
  • Mouse and Keyboard vulnerabilities 



Bastille’s Awards and Recognition:


About Bastille

Bastille Networks is a pioneering Internet of Radios (Mobile, IoT, and BYOD) security company. Bastille's patented technology combines hardware and software to offer enterprises identification, threat detection and location awareness for radio-enabled devices. Enterprise organizations use Bastille to accurately assess security threats from radio-enabled devices such as mobile phones and the growing number of Interned-enabled, but not Internet-secured IoT devices.


“Now someone has finally taken a look and found that virtually all of (these devices) are vulnerable. That’s pretty scary.”
— Samy Kamkar, Wired Magazine, 2/23/16