Federal Applications

Federal agencies have some of the most stringent security requirements because they frequently encompass both internal and public-facing operations. Maintaining absolute security - no matter the perceived, actual, or potential threat - requires a comprehensive security stance.


RF threats can impact secured facility access, classified data management, privileged communications, daily and strategic operations. Yet RF threat detection is not part of traditional security solutions; and has not been available previously in the same form as Bastille's solution.


Bastille enables Federal and other government agencies to constantly monitor their airspace for RF emissions. Agencies using Bastille Enterprise gain RF full spectrum monitoring with continuous awareness of the RF devices in their airspace and their activities. Use of the patented RF persona functionality also allows an agency to potentially identify the person or persons performing these actions. 

Contraband cellphone detection.png

In-place monitoring of RF also provides agencies awareness of rogue RF devices that may be entering their airspace unknown to traditional wired and Wi-Fi security systems. Examples include Wi-Fi pineapples and unauthorized portable hotspots.

Bastille detects devices operating across the full spectrum, providing constant monitoring and threat awareness to physical and cyber security teams.

Examples include: 

  • Persistent monitoring of agency airspace for agency-provided cellphones and laptops.
  • Constant monitoring for transient devices belonging to visitors, contractors, or outside entities.
  • On-site monitoring of high security areas for any RF devices that may be present.
  • Constant monitoring for any RF-enabled devices that may become active.

BASTILLE and dhs

Bastille is honored to have been selected by, and receives project funding through, the DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program.


Bastille Audit is a 30 day review of a single location.  To learn more please call 800.530.3341 or complete the form below: