Bastille Webinar - "Who Let the IoT in?"

Join Security Ledger and Bastille Networks for an online panel conversation, “Who Let the IoT In?”

Experts from BastillePwC and Independent Security evaluators will discuss ways to spot and secure wireless and radio-enabled Internet of Things devices on enterprise networks.



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About Bastille

Bastille Networks is a pioneering Internet of Radios (Mobile, IoT, and BYOD) security company. Bastille's patented technology combines hardware and software to offer enterprises identification, threat detection and location awareness for radio-enabled devices. Enterprise organizations use Bastille to accurately assess security threats from radio-enabled devices such as mobile phones and the growing number of Interned-enabled, but not Internet-secured IoT devices.


“Now someone has finally taken a look and found that virtually all of (these devices) are vulnerable. That’s pretty scary.”
— Samy Kamkar, Wired Magazine, 2/23/16