Detect Bluetooth Pairing

Bluetooth Pairing Detection is the ability to not only passively detect actively paired bluetooth devices, using Bluetooth or Bluetooth Light, but also detect devices that are actively attempting to pair.

Paired devices may have the ability to record and transmit audio, video and data streams which violate Wireless Security Policies and can represent a security threat.

Bluetooth Detection

Bastille enables organizations to constantly monitor their airspace for RF emissions, including bluetooth pairing events. Bastille offers the only solution to passively detect and locate bluetooth pairing.

In secure facilities Bluetooth pairing events can be an early warning signal that someone is trying to exfiltrate data or connect to an outside device to stream audio. While authorized cellular devices might be permitted within a facility, connections to third party devices using bluetooth may not be allowed and break security policies.

Customers using Bastille Enterprise gain full spectrum monitoring with continuous awareness of the RF devices in their airspace, the activity and location history. This includes real-time alerts of bluetooth pairing attempts inside a facility or within a geofenced area within that facility.

Bastille’s DVR functionality provides full history on device location and activity. Bluetooth pairing events are included in the Bastille DVR for forensics.

Balint Seeber, Director of Vulnerability Research at Bastille Networks discusses constant monitoring for bluetooth hotspots and data exfiltration.

Constant Monitoring for Bluetooth pairing events with a Bastille Audit

Bastille Audit is a 30 day review of an enterprise’s corporate airspace and in addition to revealing potential cyber-threats for data exfiltration, Bastille Audit will provide constant monitoring to detect bluetooth pairing events, hotspots and data exfiltration.

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