Put your CrazyRadio to work for you

All you need to start seeing threats in your environment with this CrazyRadio is our free app and cable.

With the CrazyRadio you will be able to:

  • See the presence of vulnerable devices in your airspace
  • Find unknown threats
  • Understand your wireless environment

Software Defined Radios such as the previously cost millions and were only for government use.

Now, small SDRs, like this CrazyRadio, are available on Amazon for under $40 and can be easily used to hack into wireless devices to intercept your organization's data and private communications.

At Bastille, we've written a free application which will let you use your CrazyRadio and a phone to discover whether your organization has any of the over one billion devices vulnerable to several different kinds of wireless attacks, such as KeyJack, KeySniffer or MouseJack.

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About Bastille

Bastille Networks is a pioneering Internet of Radios (Mobile, IoT, and BYOD) security company. Bastille's patented technology combines hardware and software to offer enterprises identification, threat detection and location awareness for radio-enabled devices. Enterprise organizations use Bastille to accurately assess security threats from radio-enabled devices such as mobile phones and the growing number of Interned-enabled, but not Internet-secured IoT devices.


“Now someone has finally taken a look and found that virtually all of (these devices) are vulnerable. That’s pretty scary.”
— Samy Kamkar, Wired Magazine, 2/23/16