Contraband Cellphone Detection

Bastille enables organizations to constantly monitor their airspace for RF emissions, including contraband cellphone detection and localization.  Monitoring for contraband cellular devices has up to now been the province of hand-held devices or specialized professional service offerings and not available as an Enterprise Service.

Despite considerable physical security at many locations unauthorized cellphones still enter restricted areas to provide tools for illicit communication and data transmission. 

Customers using Bastille Enterprise gain full spectrum RF monitoring with continuous awareness of the RF devices - this includes device identity, activity and location history.

In-place monitoring of RF gives customers 24 x 7 awareness of contraband cell phone and other cellular devices, including those providing unauthorized Internet access via mobile hotspots. This capability is also useful for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) to find additional devices that may be transmitting location and other data to external parties beyond your physical security perimeter.

Bastille detects all RF devices operating from 60MHz to 6GHz. This is a wide range of the RF spectrum and provides constant monitoring and threat awareness to security teams for a wide range of unauthorized and contraband RF-enabled devices.

Balint Seeber, Director of Director of Vulnerability Research at Bastille Networks discusses Unapproved Cellular Device Presence.

Examples include

  • Contraband Cellphone Detection
  • Localization of Eavesdropping Devices
  • Constant Monitoring for Bluetooth Hotspots

contraband cellphone detection WITH A BASTILLE 30-DAY AUDIT

Bastille Audit is a 30 day review of a corporate or government airspace. The Bastille Audit will provide constant monitoring for contraband cellphones.

To request a 30 Day Bastille Audit call 800.530.3341 or complete the form below: