Cellular Intrusion Detection

Cellular phones are a ubiquitous productivity tool, but they are also the most prolific security and compliance threat faced by organizations.

Cell phones have cameras, recording devices, the ability to become out-of-network hotspots, and they can tether to laptops and computers in the building for data-exfiltration.

Bastille is the first and only product able to detect and locate cellular phones within a building using only their cellular signal. Bastille delivers real-time detection and location with alerts, plus DVR-like playback for forensics.

Companies and government agencies can best protect themselves by monitoring both authorized and unauthorized phones that enter and move around their environments. This functionality can directly alert organizations to potential security threats and compliance issues in real time.

Cell phone location has been historically difficult because cell phone detection and location  must be able to discover a cell phone even when the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not active. After four years of intense R&D and more than a dozen patents, Bastille has created the solution.

The World’s First Accurate Cellular Intrusion Detection Solution

With the ability to accurately detect cell phones, enterprises and federal agencies will finally have a solution to a serious set of problems which until now have only been solved using the ‘Honor System.’ Under the “Honor System” employees, contractors, and visitors are asked to leave their cell phones outside an area or not use them within an area.

The Honor System too often fails due to an “Oops” oversight from a well-intentioned actor or a malicious action from a bad actor

Bastille UI shows the office floor plan with location of Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices

Bastille UI shows the office floor plan with location of Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices

Accurately Locate Cell Phones Inside Your Facility Using Just Their Cellular Signals

Other solutions claim to ‘detect smartphones’ when all they can do is detect Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, not cellular signals. Still other companies claim to detect cellular phones when all they can do is detect cellular energy. Those systems can not tell the difference between one phone close to a sensor and 10 phones farther away.

Bastille’s Cellular Intrusion Detection is the first system which accurately detects, counts, and locates cellular devices inside your facility. We can track devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi like the other companies but the bad guys turn off those signals when they plan to do bad things. To know that your facility is locked down from unauthorized devices you need to detect and locate cellular signals.

Bastille locates a cell phone in geo-fenced area and triggers 3rd party video camera

Government and Enterprise Solutions

Bastille will soon have two versions of the solution: one for commercial customers and one for government customers. The Government version is available now. Government customers have some special exemptions from FCC regulations which allow their Cellular Intrusion Detection to be deployed more quickly. Enterprise Cellular Intrusion Detection solutions will be available when all FCC certifications are complete.