Detect and Locate Unauthorized Cell phones

Bastille is the first and only product to detect and locate cellular phones within a building based only on their cellular signal. Real-time detection with alerts plus DVR-like playback for forensics.

Cellular phones are a great business productivity tool, but they are also the most ubiquitous security and compliance threat faced by financial services organizations. Cell phones have cameras, recording devices, the ability to become out-of-network hotspots and to tether to laptops and computers in the building for data-exfiltration. Financial services firms want to track both the authorized and unauthorized phones that enter and move around their environments to alert on potential security threats and compliance issues in real time.

Cell phone tracking has been impossibly difficult to date, because a cell phone detection and location product must detect a cell phone even when the Wi-Fi and BlueTooth are turned off. After 4 years of intense R&D and more than a dozen patents, Bastille has created the solution.

Detection Via Cellular Signal only

Bastille is the first and only solution to detect and locate the presence of cell phones even if the only available signal they are producing is the cellular signal.

Don’t Be fooleD By otheR SolutionS’ ClaimS

other solutions claim to observe phones but actually rely on detection of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which can easily be turned off by bad actors. some competitors even claim to detect cell phones but, in fact, they are only detecting energy in cellular frequencies near a sensor. so the other solutions can’t tell if it is one cell phone close to a sensor or 10 cell phones farther away. only Bastille can tell you how many cell phones are in a room and where those phones are located.

DeteCtion in Real time

Bastille alerts on the presence of a cellular phone in a facility within two seconds.

DVR playBaCk

Bastille records all the cell phones seen, and their movements, to permit DvR-like playback for forensic purposes. so if you want to find out what happened in your facility 2 months ago, you can jump back to that date and replay all activity before and after that event.

loCate within 2 meteRS

Bastille sees every cellular phone within a space and puts a separate Dot-on-a-map to mark the location of each device. location accuracy is within 2 meters.

DeteCt when a Cell phone ComeS on

If someone brings in a cell phone which is powered down, Bastille can alert you when it is powered back up in your facility.

DeteCt unauthoRizeD Cell phone aCtiVity

some organizations allow employees to bring personal cell phones into secure facilities but ask them to leave the secure area if a call comes in. Bastille alerts you when an inactive personal cell phone becomes active and lets you track whether it leaves the secure area to continue to call.

aleRting Via youR exiSting SyStemS

Bastille integrates with your existing SIEM and/or alerting systems via its open standards based Apis. native integration with systems like Splunk(R) and Elasticsearch/Kibana(R), PagerDuty(R), SMS and email. Alternatively customers can view alerts via the Bastille Portal, and use that platform to dig into alerts for more information.

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