Bastille Enterprise

Today, the Bastille team is proud to announce Bastille Enterprise, an integrated solution that delivers enterprise security through software defined radio to some of the world's largest and most admired organizations. People and devices enter your building every day. Some are authorized to be there, but many are not. As the number of connected items in your buildings increases, how do you monitor them? How do you know what protocols they are using? How do you know if they've been securely configured, and how do you know if their communications are encrypted?

Wireless device vulnerabilities are no longer an emerging threat. They are here today. Eavesdropping devices can be easily ordered online for less than $40, are small and can be hidden in boardrooms and other highly sensitive areas. Rogue cell towers can be deployed to intercept calls and data. One can be set up across the street from your building to capture all of your calls and data coming out of your enterprise for only a few thousand dollars.

These devices pose a new and unknown risk for your security and your customer's data. Bastille Enterprise uses a combination of ceiling-mounted sensors and an advanced analytics platform to sense, identify and localize radio-based security threats within your enterprise. Bastille has 14 patents approved and pending which apply machine learning techniques and advanced radio signal processing.

Key technologies in Bastille Enterprise include: 

Bastille's sensors are easy to install and can be out of sight. Custom brackets attach the sensor to struts inside of your suspended ceiling and use power over ethernet. No software is installed on any of your devices. We like to say you can't protect what you can't see, and with more than 20 billion connected devices expected by 2020, there's already much to see and protect. 

For a detailed threat analysis report of the devices operating in your enterprise airspace, contact us.