Bastille is delivered as a SaaS (Software As A Service) solution. There is no separate purchase of sensor hardware, we install the number of sensors you need for the solution you order.

Our proprietary sensors are usually installed in the space above the dropped ceiling of the area to be protected. The sensor units are powered by POE (Power Over Ethernet). The sensors are constructed of a special custom polymer which both permits them to perceive the full spectrum of radio emissions, but is also rugged enough to allow them to be placed inside the false-ceiling plenum of a building, and they have been UL and CE certified to safely exist in that environment. Where you prefer, the sensors can be installed below the ceiling or on desktops and cubes.

The number of sensors required depends on the nature of the building to be monitored and the use case (problem) which is being solved. A good rule of thumb is that sensors are deployed in about the same density as you would use to deploy Wi-Fi access points.  

Installation takes minutes, does not require extremely close sensor positioning or calibration, as all the configuration is done post installation via the Bastille platform in our Secure Virtual Private Cloud.

Balint Seeber, Director of Vulnerability Research at Bastille Networks discusses deploying Bastille.