Customer Testimonials:


“At Cylance, we've been using Bastille for a little over a year now. For me, the promise of Bastille to Cylance was visibility. We were going through quarterly audits of our corporate headquarters looking for covert listening devices, rogue access points, anything that could be used by an attacker to bridge the gap between the physical and the data layer and extract information out of our enterprise. The reason that we went with Bastille was that Bastille gave us the ability to do real time inspection of that space, and instead of dealing with something after it's been there for a while and you find it. We can detect it and remediate it the second it gets turned on.”

Jon Miller, Chief Research Officer, Cylance discusses CyberSecurity, Threat Vectors from RF devices and how Bastille protects Enterprise Airspace.


“Bastille gives Cylance the ability to, in real time, detect something that is potentially malicious or unwanted on our network and remediate it before we have to worry about the threat of exfiltration.”

Radio (RF) is the New Frontier

“As enterprises continue to grow and we're getting new smart devices, the boundaries are essentially eroding on a traditional perimeter. A firewall's not going to protect you from an RF based attack and Bastille is the only tech on the market that gives an enterprise the ability to not only monitor but protect all of the RF airspace at the same time.”

Advantage Over Sophisticated Attackers

“One of the reasons that I'm very fond of Bastille is normally when you're dealing with a sophisticated attacker, they're not going to attack you with the same attack that's been around for 10 years. They're funded, they're skilled. They can infiltrate things like supply chains.  They can infiltrate corporate networks. And having that next generation of technologies where the attackers themselves don't realize that you're doing protection or monitoring there, essentially gives you a leg up. It gives you the ability to detect an attacker via a vector that they're not aware that you have capabilities to protect.”

Trade-Secrets can be Exfiltrated by Voice and Data

“Any type of covert listening device that could monitor our data science team or bridge the gap between our network and start to ex-filtrate trade secrets out over RF is a major, major concern. Not just from a customer privacy perspective, but from a competitive advantage.  If you can't keep a hold of your company's intellectual property, it's gonna start popping up in competitive products.”

“Bastille was actually able to identify a bunch of vulnerable RF devices in our network on the initial POC, and we were able to go around and get everything replaced.”